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my name is eve

Today was Women’s Conference at church, which I support, so I went. When I arrived we had the following classes to select from: dating for single women caring for your aging parents caring for the young child I am married. … Continue reading

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Today while cleaning the tops of my closets found the plain brown package I wrapped nearly four years ago, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. I decided some two months after my marriage that when I ascertained I was pregnant, … Continue reading

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Dear friend, I had to start a blog to keep these feelings from exploding out in circumstances that might damage our friendship. I am already mustering up every ounce of courage I have to assist with your baby shower. I … Continue reading

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four’s company

Dear pregnant close friend, It took me six months and a lot of emotional work to not want to disappear every time you mentioned your pregnancy. Please do not come to my home when I am ill and tell me … Continue reading

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The hopeful yet emotionally mine-riddled DMZ of waiting for cycle 48 to commence. It seems like such cruelty that the symptoms of impending menstruation mimic those of pregnancy. I don’t want to hope and yet I don’t want to give … Continue reading

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dead even

I did not want to disappear yesterday evening while politely listening to details of friends’ pregnancy. This has not happened since July. Only three months to go! On the other hand, fielded so many comments while holding other friend’s baby … Continue reading

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feeling like a princess

Today, even though my mother-in-law clung to this book at the store, intending to purchase it in hopes of reading it to her grandchildren, I did feel like I would rather fall through the floor. Small victories.

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